To either set a stage or to be part of it, the use of space and how people use it interests me.

I started a small project with a storyboard and one simple scene… little boy (in the late 1800s) waiting for his father to come home so he can read him a story. 

I surveyed my own living room and looked at how filming could take place, what lenses could be used etc and the established the aspect ratio so I could make a simple scene more interesting. I made an model showing the space, as well an axonometric and basically went back to the drawing board, reading as many books in the matter, learning new skills such as SketchUp, and storyboarding etc. and what & why certain drawings, models etc. are needed in creating for Film Production.

I realised that all my skills and inspirations came together and looking forward to learning more.

Posted by:gaylesludden

I take my Art to my Design & my Design to my Art.

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