‘Little Boy’, a 19th century period, Set Design project.

Using SketchUp, and the traditional tools of hand drawn perspective drawing, I created a series of plans, sections, and final graphics for a Room Décor and layout of an important room in a Victorian house. I would normally use CAD software for large layouts but SketchUp offers me the ability to quickly try out new concepts and present them to clients in a cost effective way.

The Images above show the Proposed Props and Set Dressing for the scene. The location is my own living room, using what I had to hand due to lockdown. To improve the quality, I have noted the following: (1) The Natural lighting within window is too strong and it is not illuminating the bookcase for the next scene. The light from the window needs to be defused to create better contrast. (2) To increase the light, desk lamps were used but obviously more professional lighting would be preferred. (3) The Wall decoration, the Wallpaper and pictures could be more authentic. (4) A Round table and Victorian chairs would also enhance the authenticity of the scene